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Animated Video Production

Video animation is a creative and engaging way to get your message across to a wide audience. It’s friendly, accessible, and easy to create. And it can seamlessly fit with your organisation’s visual identity and tone of voice.

3D Computer Generated Animation

Whether it’s a surgical procedure, a 360 degree orbit around a product, working parts in motion or a virtual tour of a property development, however simple or complex, we can create what you need with our animation expertise. If animation is to be the major focus of a project we can rapidly produce animatics which are low resolution movies containing simplified objects to show proposed camera movement, rates of movement and animation timings. This can be matched later to the finished high resolution assets for the final sequence.

Motion Capture / Mo-cap

Motion capture (Mo-cap for short) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. In film-making and video game development, it refers to recording actions of human actors, and using that information to animate digital character models in 2D or 3D computer animation. When it includes face and fingers or captures subtle expressions, it is often referred to as performance capture.

Mixing Video with Animation (Matchmoving)

"Camera tracking" or "Matchmoving" or "3-D Tracking" is the process of analyzing a video clip or film shot to determine where in 3-D the camera went, what its field of view was, and where parts of the set were. This means we can take real video footage shot with a camera, and put computer generated objects into the scene.  This can be very effective for movie special effects, or virtual sets.

Interactive Video

Interactive video (IV) is a digital multimedia presentation that can take user input to perform some action.

At its simplest, an interactive video might connect the user to an external website. A shoppable video, for example, might demonstrate a product and include hot links to take users to the vendor's website to learn more or make a purchase.

Interactive video has many possible applications. An interactive video for distance education, for example, could allow students to select among multiple channels for further information at points throughout the presentation. It could also include a quiz after a lecture segment that evaluates responses and gives students immediate feedback.

Interactive video content for gaming allows the player to select among various options that determine subsequent story lines in the game. As in real life, each choice can lead to a different consequences, so that potential story lines can vary quite significantly.

Click here to see an interactive presentation we made for Brompton Bicyle.

Product Visualisation

Our in-house designers can be engaged at any time in the cycle of a project from concept to final product, to produce sharp high end photorealistic visualisation even before pattern information or a prototype have been produced. We can design any mass produced object digitally from domestic and industrial appliances to vehicle and engineering technology.

Product and Advertising Imagery

From cosmetics to household products, we can prepare photorealistic CGI images of consumer products for web and print using contemporary lighting solutions, VFX and compositing techniques without the need for the final product or even a physical prototype.

Architectural Visualisation

From architectural drawings or CAD files exterior and interior photorealistic visualisation can be produced from a small single residence to a large multi-storey commercial development. It can be perfectly blended into the existing environment for a single seamless image or a realistic animation or walk-through including all of the detail you could need from reflections, lighting and seasonal ambience, all combined with professionally directed camera motion.

Interior Design

Interior visualisations can be created and decorated in traditional or contemporary designs; whatever your needs or tastes with associated furnishings to show off the full potential of the space whether it’s a lounge, bathroom or office environment. A combination of interior design, function, aspiration, lighting, atmosphere and attention to detail will be applied to these photorealistic images.

Virtual Sets

In conjunction with a green screen shoot of live action using modern compositing techniques we can integrate professional studio sets for corporate communications, education, training videos and other TV based media communications. This is not limited to a background and can include a sophisticated looking professional broadcasting venue for a fraction of the cost of constructing a physical set.

Corporate Communication

From logos to full print and web media campaigns we can deal with all of your needs from 2D, 3D and animation solutions. We can also help you with strategy and tactical marketing needs.

3D Games Assets

With extensive experience in interactive computer games, we offer services to games developers for all kinds of assets and props from current generation console and iOS based platforms. We also readily take on work for high end apps for clients using our specialist knowledge of interaction and user interface design.

Technical Illustration

This can range from cutaways, exploded views, virtual assembly drawings or animation sequences of any device or technology, realistically textured and lit to show your products to best advantage. We have created illustrations for many industries including scientific/medical, engineering, product designers, museums, manufacturers, architects, property developers, interior designers, exhibition designers, interactive games and TV companies.


Client Feedback

"Wow, I don't know what to say!! The video you made is amazing and we have just showed it to our MD and Head of Marketing and they think it is absolutely amazing! Well done!"

Stacey Logan
Marketing Communications Coordinator, Newson Gale Ltd

One Stop Shop for Video Production

Think Allowed  is a dynamic, creative and versatile team offering full video production services UK-wide. We produce engaging explainer videos, corporate videos, web videos that help companies of every size promote services and new products, educate their staff, reach more customers and record significant occasions.

We make promotional videos, documentary ‘case study’ videos, film at conferences and corporate events as well as producing animations that deliver engaging corporate video messages.

Our video production services are rooted in a background in creative design and marketing so our corporate videos always contain the perfect balance of technical expertise, creative concept and a powerfully targeted message. We’ll ensure your corporate video is not a dry, one-dimensional message but rather, following a briefing from you, we will create a powerful, dynamic film that will engage your viewers and drive home your brand strengths.

We are proud of our in-house motion graphics and animation capabilities and the combination of this, marketing knowledge, video production techniques and award winning talent ensure that we can give you a corporate video service we are sure you will return to time after time.

Our Full Video Production Service Includes

  • Script Writing
  • Story Boarding
  • Camera work
  • 3D CGI animation
  • 2D motion graphics

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