Iconics Smart Buildings


2D & 3D Animation - Iconics Smart Buildings

Animation usually falls into one of two categories, 2D or 3D. But what if you wanted to mix them together? Imagine the possibilities if you could hop in and out of these worlds at will! This is what we decided to do for Iconics when they came to us to make a video about their Smart Buildings systems. They wanted to show their target audience how their systems enhance the working environment by monitoring every aspect of the work place from air-conditioning, lighting, space utilization etc. We were required to work within their established graphic style which was very flat and stylized. However because we needed to show what was going on throughout a building, it made sense to be able to pull the building apart and see it as an exploded diagram, which is much easier to do in 3D than it is in 2D. We therefore came up with a clever way to render the 3D animation environment in a way that made it look 2D for some of the time, but then with a certain camera move the world we created would suddenly snap into 3D isometric view allowing us to show all of the extra detail required to tell the story.


Art Direction : Nick Willett

Animation & Render Pipeline : Matt Burkey

3D Modelling : Jacob Hart

2D Motion Graphics: Nick Willett

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