Hycontrol Social Media Video

Hycontrol Social Media Video

Hycontrol came to us to for a high-impact social media video that would capture the attention of their target audience. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing equipment that protects silos from damage during the delivery process. We were required to demonstrate the dangers of failing to adequately protect a silo and necessity for Hycontrol products in a way that would leave no doubt in the minds of potential customers. We decided to produce the video in the style of a documentary with effective use of both photo-realistic and wire-frame rendering to make it feel both real and technical. The explosion event was illustrated through the use of a particle system and volumetric shading.

Art Direction, Scripting, Storyboard : Nick Willett

3D Modelling : Nick Willett & Matt Burkey

Animation : Matt Burkey

Motion Graphics : Nick Willett, Matt Burkey

#3DAnimation #3DComputerGraphics #Animation #Explosion #FluidSimulation #MotionGraphics #ParticleSystem #ProductVisualisation #VideoProduction