JCB Cordless Saw


3D animation - JCB Cordless Saw

We're excited to share this video we made for JCB-Tools. The brief was to produce a piece of 'thumb-stopping' video to showcase one of the JCB range of power-tools. We decided that this was an ideal candidate for 3D animation as it would allow us to really get in close to the tool and go to town on the camera moves. We modelled the saw from scratch so that every detail would be revealed to best effect. The camera moves were co-ordinated to give the viewer a continuous journey around the product with complex but graceful sweeping arcs, complemented by product information that hangs in space in a position that both informs the viewer and also enhances the composition. We also made good use of shallow depth of field to keep the viewers attention focused on the subject. Any feedback would be welcome.

Art Direction : Nick Willett

3D Modelling : Nick Willett & Matt Burkey

Animation : Matt Burkey

Lighting and camera : Nick Willett

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