Strip Tinning Automotive

Strip Tinning Automotive

Strip Tinning Automotive is a leading manufacturer of flexible printed circuit connectors, flat foil & cable connectors, and electrical busbar & wire elements, for automotive heating and lighting applications.

We were asked to produce a film using 3D animation that described how all of the components they manufacture are integral to many of the products and systems that people use every day.  We came up with a story that described a normal day that begins with a beautiful sunrise and develops into a road-trip through through Alpine mountains.  The journey concludes in a city setting where the car arrives at its destination.  Throughout the day, systems that incorporate Strip Tinning Automotive's components are highlighted and described.

The team at Think Allowed developed not only all of the environments, but also the main focus of the story, the car.  The vehicle not only had to drive convincingly, it also had to be taken apart.  This meant that many of the internal components such as the transmission and power systems had to be modelled in a high level of detail so that they would stand up to scrutiny by experts.

Art Direction : Nick Willett

Animation : Matt Burkey, Jacob Hart, Nick Willett

3D Modelling : Matt Burkey, Jacob Hart, Nick Willett

2D Motion Graphics: Nick Willett

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