Xeno Hub Infinity Drive Video

This was a ‘wheelie’ good project to work on. I never ‘tyre’ of the variety of work that comes through the door. Okay, perhaps I should stop ‘pedalling’ these bike puns now. I’ll put the brakes on before someone in the studio shouts “On your bike mate!” at me.

KOM’s Xeno Hub with Infinity Drive is a revolutionary new product for mountain bike enthusiasts. The bike drive axle is a crucial component of a bicycle, connecting the pedals to the rear wheel thus transferring power from the rider's legs to the wheel, propelling the bike forward.

Explaining how the drive axel functions and what sets this new design apart from all the bike hubs that came before it can be challenging without one in hand, and even the best diagrams don’t always convey concepts clearly. This is where our 3D animation expertise came into play. We were able to take the hub apart whilst its motion, presenting an intimate look at the inner mechanisms at work in ways we wouldn’t normally get to see.

The 3D model was rigged up to both operate accurately and disassemble into its components so we could focus in on the specific function of each part. Using cutaways and exploded views of the axel allowed us to clearly illustrate the individual components and demonstrate how they work together during drive and freewheel, as well as explaining how it resists the stresses placed upon it when riding over an irregular terrain.

These exciting visualisations allow viewers to understand clearly and effectively how the different parts of the system work together transferring power from the pedals to the rear wheel. At the same time, we were able to showcase how the unique modular construction makes it not only more durable for a more stable ride but offers complete customisability; offering compatibility with various brands of cassette to colour co-ordinate every component of their bike.

Art Direction : Nick Willett
3D Modelling : Nick Willett & Matt Burkey
Animation : Matt Burkey
Lighting and camera : Matt Burkey

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