Lenovo Mixx-Case

We were approached to develop a short video to demonstrate a new protective case concept for a tablet device. The brief was to show how the casing fits onto the product and how it integrates with other peripherals including the optional keyboard and stylus.

Using the 3D CAD data provided by the client we were able to produce the entire video. This method of visualisation gave us the freedom to describe the product and it's core functionality with a high level of dynamism, focusing the viewer’s attention on each unique feature of the case in a captivating manner.

One of the most useful features of 3D animation is that it allows our clients to begin the marketing and promotion process of a new product before manufacture and test the market through the exploration of options such as case colour.

Art Direction : Matt Burkey
3D Modelling : Matt Burkey
Animation : Matt Burkey
Lighting and camera : Matt Burkey

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