Jenny Willett - Taking Sides - Music Video

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Jenny Willett - Taking Sides - Music Video

For this project, the brief was simple but the execution was quite demanding. In a single take, the video features no less that one million and one sunflowers individually blowing in the wind; each gradually wilting and dying as the song progresses. As it stands, it is the longest single shot animation we've produced weighing in at 7730 individually rendered frames. Rendering took the equivalent of 83 days to complete, though it was turned arround in just one weekend via an online render-farm.

The video was shot with Jenny singing and performing at double speed and then the footage was played back at normal speed giving the end result almost a sense of a walk through a visual 'wonderland'.

Jenny was an absolute joy to work with and we'll certainly be watching her career with great interest in the future.

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