CGI Movie - CMG technologies

CMG technologies are specialists in Ceramic and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and a well-established provider of plastic injection moulded components.

If you aren't familiar with MIM, you're not alone. Many companies are still unaware of this amazing process, and even fewer understand its true value. To bridge this gap in public knowledge Think Allowed was commissioned by CMG technologies to produce a video presentation, which would take their audience on a journey of discovery.

We decided to illustrate the entire process using Computer Generated Animation, as this allowed us to keep every element of the video in keeping with their Brand, right down to the factory floor tiles. It also allowed us to eliminate anything other than the machines and processes which were directly relevant to the process. This not only enhances the informational aspect of the presentation, but because we didn't need to film on-site it also allowed the 'real' factory to remain in full production throughout the making of the movie, removing any impact on operations.

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