BSA R-10 Exploded View Movie

BSA Guns of Birmingham are known as the 'First Family of Air Guns'. There is a very good reason for this; they've been around for longer than any other manufacturer and the air rifles they design and produce are very much at the top of the tree in design and quality.

Think Allowed was requested to produce a promotional sequence that would demonstrate the beauty and sophistication on the inside of these machines, as well as on the outside. We went away and came up with this exploded view sequence that allows the viewer to see all of the major parts and assemblies fly apart in the correct order so that the relationship between them all could be clearly seen. Working all of this out took several days and many computer hours of rendering to get the finished product.

Client reaction: "The R-10 video is Really very good and the soundtrack you chose I think is just right. This is exactly the sort of marketing computer generated video I was wanting".

Simon Barron

BSA Operations Manager

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