Fri, 23 Nov 2012

Think Allowed Ltd is Working with Tribosonics Ltd

Think Allowed has finalised an agreement to work with Tribosonics Ltd and sister company Strainsonics Ltd.  communication material to enhance their ability to reach their target audience more effectively.  The work will involve the production of printed matter in the form of technical data sheets for their range of products and services, the generation of 3D computer animation to demonstrate their various technologies, and assistance with the design of new products.

Using ultrasonic reflectometry Tribosonics Ltd. designs and manufactures systems that measure and monitor a wide range of engineering applications including lubricant film thickness, wear, corrosion, load, dynamic loading, engine load monitoring, wall/material thickness, contact pressure, real area of contact, fluid aeration, cavitation, bearing load and health monitoring, bolt tension, strain monitoring, thickness gauging, scuffing and more.

Unit D31
Hartley Business Centre Block D
Haydn Road

Tel : 0800 059 9833

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