Thu, 20 Jun 2013

Making 3D CAD Data Work Hard

Photography, demonstration video, instruction manual, all from a single standard 3D CAD model! ThinkAllowed is helping Phoenix ISL make their 3D data work hard, and Phoenix ISL is reaping the rewards.

The C-Clamp project began with a consultation and a briefing about was required and then the necessary standard 3D CAD data was supplied by the designers at Phoenix ISL to the team at ThinkAllowed.  Once we had the 3D data, the team set about bringing the data to life by working their magic.

At a fairly advanced stage of the Computer Animation process, due to the fact that the fine detail of the C-Clamp’s mechanical engineering was being finalised, a necessary design improvement to the C-Clamp became apparent.   Had we been producing photography and film through traditional methods, this turn of events would have signalled a complete disaster for all of the work done to-date as all of it would have to be consigned to the waste basket.  However, because we work in the realm of virtual reality, we only had to open up the necessary computer files, replace a few objects in the scene and then simply re-render the necessary video files, with relatively low impact on the delivery date, compared to what it would have been for actual video.

Furthermore alongside the production of the demo video, we were able to output still images for use in the product’s user manual which went to print well in time for the product launch.  Needless to say, still images for the product’s web-page were produced at the same time;  Not bad for a single 3D CAD model!

Click here to watch the Demonstration Video

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