Thu, 04 May 2023

Is video a good investment?

Let's be honest, producing a good marketing video will always cost either time or money, usually both.
It is because of this that I am relatively confident that one of the many questions on the mind of someone who is perhaps considering spending a portion of their limited  marketing budget on video for the first time is, “Will we see a return on our investment?”

I'm very pleased to inform those readers that there is a wealth of statistical information out there on the subject, only a matter of a short search and click away that will convince the most skeptical marketer about the merits of investing in video.  Much of this is good information which we have found to be borne out through our own analysis of viewing figures in terms of the numbers of users watching our online videos each day, and the feedback we get from our clients about sales and their own customer feedback etc.  I've seen statistics claiming 83% of companies report good R.O.I. on video marketing, all of which gives us good reason to be positive.

However, we have discovered that rather than overwhelming potential new customers with this dizzying array of numbers, we find we can convey the true meaning of what this information actually means in far more straightforward, practical terms.  During the initial consultation we usually begin this part of the conversation by offering a few examples of what type of video production we could create for them.  We then establish how many languages versions they would require and give an estimate for how long it would take, and then follow that up with a further estimate of what that would represent in terms of a financial investment.  We then explain that what they would effectively be buying into, is a sales force that is at work all over the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which beyond the initial investment works entirely for free... forever.  No other form of media quite compares with this in terms of reach, the ability to build trust, the power to educate and inform, plus a whole plethora of other virtues; certainly none that offers such incredible value for money.

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