Mon, 15 May 2023

Why should we use on-line video?

You’ve more than likely watched an on-line video today. According to Cisco, by 2017 the video accounted for70% of all consumer internet traffic.  There is a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone.  YouTube receives more than any other channel apart from Facebook (where people often watch videos also).

Creating videos for your business’s website might sound like a lot of work and, admittedly, video production takes more time/money than simply writing something. But, used well, video can be a powerful tool to generate more web traffic and, ultimately, more sales.


Video improves engagement

Our own experiences alone are probably enough to convince most of us that video is more engaging than plain text, but have you ever wondered why? Psychologists have identified four reasons why we are particularly susceptible to video:

  1. We’re psychologically pre-disposed to pay attention to faces.
  2. Information is conveyed through tone of voice.
  3. Emotions are contagious i.e. We “catch” others' emotions .
  4. Movement captures and retains our attention.

Not only does video improve engagement but it helps memory too. Retention rate for visual information is up to 65% versus just 10% for textual information.


Video increases credibility

Businesses rely on trust, and one proven way to instil that senses of trust is through the use of video. There’s a significant amount of legitimacy implied by video even when the video isn’t even watched. ReelSEO conducted some research and discovered that merely offering video increased conversions, regardless of whether or not users actually watched the video. This may seems har dto believe, but offering video shows that you believe in your products and that you’re willing to invest in your website experience. In other words, it shows that you’re trustworthy.

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