When should we use live action video?

Live action video (video shot with cameras) is great for communicating sentiment. One of it’s greatest strengths is forming a bond between the viewer and the person on-screen. This works especially well when the person on-screen has a captivating personality whether that be the MD, a charismatic engineer or a testimonial from one of your customers, that passion can readily be sensed and felt by the viewer. This makes video a great way to build on a company's brand identity. Some great ways to use video include:

Testimonials: Customer testimonials are understood to be a powerful tool. When presented with a page of text however website users are often reluctant to spend too much time reading them. Video testimonials however are not only more engaging to the viewer but it puts a face to a testimonial which makes what they are saying more believable to the viewer.

Company profiles: Putting a face and a personality to a company can help begin building that relationship between the viewer of your video to hopefully get them to become a future customer. Many people immediately think 'Boss', but that may not be the case. If you have a passionate customer service representative or a product engineer they may 'speak' more to your audience than the Boss might. It is important therefore to make sure whoever you choose has 'camera presence' – speaking clearly and coming across honestly.

Physical products: If you are in an industry where the viewer is buying a physical end product, showing the finished product in action will boost viewer engagement and their comfort level with the product. Products like this include things like cars, showcasing real estate properties or high end decorative ceramics. You can still animate segments, such as how the car’s engine is designed to be more fuel efficient, but when someone is researching a product, they want to see the finished product in action.

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