Mon, 15 May 2023

What are the advantages of 3D Animation?


One of animations greatest strengths is it’s flexibility. If you wanted to film on a  mountaintop you’d have to hire film crews, helicopter units and a large team to bring all that film gear up the mountain. With animation you can animate that scene for a fraction of the cost. Your imagination is your only limitation. Animated marketing videos are also a fantastic way to communicate a message that may be difficult to explain other than by using conceptual animation. Some great ways to use animation in a marketing environment include:

Greater Product Understanding: With animation you can get down to a deep level of explanation of a product that is very difficult to do with live action. People also prefer to learn through audio/visual methods so if they have the choice between reading a PDF document of the product specs or watching a short video that does the same thing. 99% of the time they will choose the video.

The Fun Factor: Animation can be very entertaining. When a viewer is laughing and having fun they are more receptive to retaining that information and possibly sharing it with family or friends. That sharing is the fuel that increases your chances of the video possibly going viral.

Software Services: Software as a Service (or SaaS) are typically very hard to communicate what they do with live people on camera; it’s almost always animation. This is particularly true because most software solves a problem or makes a task easier. Without illustrating an example of a problem solved by the software, chances are the viewer isn’t going to understand how it works.

Branding: If your goal is to create a lasting impression while communicating what your company does with visual appeal, then there are few ways that are more effective than animation. With an animation you can get creative with your messaging but still keep all of the brand logo colors, fonts and “look” of the brand completely consistent with all of your other marketing including your email marketing.

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