Our 3D CAD software can render, why should we use you?

3D CAD software such as Solidworks does a pretty good job of rendering photo-realistic images these days.  So why would a company choose to outsource 3D rendering and animation?  The reason is very straight forward; it's a question of optimisation.  A 3D CAD system is optimised to manipulate 3D CAD data and assist in the design process.  The 3D rendering and animation capability may well produce pleasing results with practice, but because it isn't optimised for this particular process it very nearly always takes a very long time in comparison to the length of time it would take us to do it for you.  It is therefore often more cost effective to bring in the specialists, especially if the work is time-critical.

Further to the technical aspect of the work, we are also artists and video producers, so if required, we are able to output a finished article complete with motion graphics, voice-over and soundtrack.

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