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Not all video production studios are the same.  We are a team of creative minds with a lineage firmly rooted in industry;  More than half of the team come from a Product Design background so we have a firm grasp of the relationship between the technical and creative aspects of the manufacturing world.  We know injection moulding from vacuum casting, and spark erosion from draft angles, so you can rest assured that when you work with us we will hit the ground running.  You won’t have to hold our hands while we get to grips with what you do; we’ll be able to get straight to work producing intelligent, engaging marketing or training materials that work hard for you.

Our Work

Please take a few moments to browse some of the work we've done for our manufacturing clients.  Here you will find examples of work produced in a variety of different ways, including traditional video shot with cameras, green-screen, 3D CGI and 2D motion graphics.

Making 3D CAD Data Work Harder

Manufacturers often invest a huge amount of time and money in developing their products through the use of Computer Aided Design systems. During the design process, designers and engineers produce highly detailed models of the products which are used in a number of ways including the production of tooling. Think Allowed is able to take these existing 3D models and put them to further use in the production of 3D animation video, helping our clients to increase the return on their investment. This also allows significant savings in the production of promotional and marketing materials and enables our clients to reduce the time it takes to bring their products to market.

When it comes to the world of 3D data formats there is a bewildering array of file formats to choose from, and we are able to work with the vast majority of them. There are however two groups the various flavours fall into, 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) data formats, and 3D polygon data formats for animation. These two groups are distinctly different from each other and a significant amount of know-how is required to work with them together.

Typically we receive 3D CAD data from our clients which we are able to read and modify if necessary. We are then able to convert these files into the ideal polygon mesh form for use in 3D animation. The industry standard 3D CAD data formats we work with most are as follows:

  • ACIS
  • STEP
  • Parasolid
  • IGES

Client Feedback

"The team at Think Allowed are absolutely fantastic at what they do. The work they have completed for us has always been of exceptional quality and perfectly to brief. They completely get what we're trying to achieve and from just a short brief from us are able to produce exactly what we want and more. The team are very approachable and very easy to work with. Their communication with us is always very prompt so we are always confident in where they are with the projects and that they will achieve them in line with our timescale requirements. I couldn’t recommend Think Allowed more highly."

Rachel Garrett
Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, CMG Technologies Ltd

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