Tue, 16 May 2023

Using Artificial Intelligence to write a story

We like many others have become fascinated with the prospect of what Generative Artificial Intelligenc or AI means for story telling.  So we gave ourselves the task of finding an answer to the question 'Can AI write a good story?'.   The short answer to this question is yes... sort of.  The long answer however is that in the experiments that we have undertaken, it does indeed produce readable text that has a narrative that could be described as prose. However, despite being grammatically correct and punctuated perfectly, it lacked any imaginative features or depth of emotion. These things are evidently still out of reach for the current learning algorithms, but for how much longer is anyone's guess!

For now at least, AI-generated stories can serve as a valuable tool for inspiration, idea generation, and even as a starting point for human writers to develop and refine their own narratives. By collaborating with AI, human authors can exploit the computational power and linguistic capabilities of AI models to enhance their storytelling process.  We'll certainly be including it in our pipeline!

Nick Willett

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