Tue, 16 May 2023

The Journey

Taking Your Audience on a Journey

There are an infinite number of ways to present information in the form of an animated video to a viewer.  It is indeed this flexibility that we love about the medium of 3D animation!  However one option that we've tried and tested and found to be highly effective in engaging viewers' attention is to take them on a journey.  If you think about it, the average human lives a rich life with each day full of a whole plethora of varied activities.  For example, a typical morning starts with waking, showering brushing, dressing etc, and that's before we've actually done anything productive.  Any of the things that people do in their lives presents an opportunity to introduce branding, product placement or even demonstrate how something us used.  This is the basis of taking your viewers on a journey because one situation is followed by another, allowing us to present things in quick succession, and as long as the journey is engaging the viewer is likely to stick with you.

In this example we were asked by our client Strip Tinning to produce a film that described how all of the components they manufacture are integral to many of the products and systems that people use every day.  We came up with a story that described a normal day that begins with a beautiful sunrise and develops into a road-trip through through Alpine mountains.  The journey concludes in a city setting where the car arrives at its destination.  Throughout the day, systems that incorporate Strip Tinning Automotive's components are highlighted and described.

The team at Think Allowed developed not only all of the environments, but also the main focus of the story, the car.  The vehicle had to drive convincingly, but also had to be taken apart, which meant that many of the internal components such as the transmission and power systems had to be modelled in a high level of detail so that they would stand up to expert scrutiny.

Art Direction : Nick Willett

Animation : Matt Burkey, Jacob Hart, Nick Willett

3D Modelling : Matt Burkey, Jacob Hart, Nick Willett

2D Motion Graphics: Nick Willett

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