Wed, 24 May 2023

Cost Saving Production

3D animation is a great way to make your budget go further. 

There's no need for restrictive overheads such as location scouting, or building a temporary set within a busy working environment, potentially inhibiting a busy production line. The time and space requirements for setting up all of the lighting and camera equipment that would typically be needed to demonstrate equipment or products can be intrusive.

Instead, this can all be reproduced digitally with limitless flexibility, scalability, and the potential to reuse assets at a later date without any further interruption to onsite activities. Missed something on the day? Re-shoots can not only be expensive, they're sometimes simply impossible as conditions change and unique circumstances may be difficult to recreate, but in the CGI realm the results are the same every time.

With a computer generated model, we have complete control over every aspect which means we always have the option to come back later and simply pick up where we left off.

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