Mon, 15 May 2023

Animation for Social Media

Those of you who have been reading our posts for some time will already know, investing in animated 3D models of you products can be a relativity costly process which may seem daunting at first.  Daunting that is until you realise what having the models will enable you to do down the line.  A 3D animated model should be seen as a tool rather than an end goal in itself, which can then play the leading role of a whole range of materials from still photography, adverts, explainer videos, instructional videos and even exploded drawings for instruction manuals etc.

Presented here is a range of social media videos we created for our client Clearmark, that were relatively quick to produce and therefore very cost effective relative to the level of complexity.  This was only possible because the main investment for the 3D models of the printers had already been made previously.  Most of the rest of the items in the scenes were already in our library or were quick to create.  The videos themselves were kept very short and to the point, maximising the potential to catch the attention of a browser on the various social channels.

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